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Zethrid is a general of the Galra Empire serving directly under Prince Lotor. She is only part Galran.[2]



Zethrid possesses a strong, outspoken, aggressive personality. Out of all of Lotor's generals, Zethrid approaches her line of work with the most zeal and violence without any careful forethought. This is seen when she encourages Lotor to attack the Lions outright at Thayserix, before Axca explains that the planet was made of a highly combustible gas which reacts violently to the amplification of light.

Zethrid's affinity for violence means her job as one of  Lotor's generals is right up her alley. She enjoys her line of work, and is disappointed if she is held back from excessive action. For example, when Lotor told her to merely graze the Black Lion, not destroy it, Zethrid responded with a dull "Fine." However, after telling her to fire at the Altean ship with everything she had, she responded with an enthusiastic "Yes sir!" Zethrid is entertained by destruction even if it is not caused directly by her own hand. When Lotor sent pilots to pull out a transreality comet, but they failed and exploded, Zethrid stated that the failed attempts to retrieve it were more enjoyable for her to watch than an actual success. 

She has displayed respect for others who give her a proper battle; this was shown when she considered Allura a "worthy opponent."

After witnessing Lotor murdering Narti, Zethrid and the other two generals quickly lost their trust in the Galra prince. Believing that Lotor would dispose of them as well if it was in his interests, they conspired to hand him over to the Empire in exchange for their own lives. 


Zethrid's large body grants her immense strength and durability, allowing her to throw enemies across the battlefield with a single punch or drop onto a planet's surface with no landing gear from great height while sustaining no damage.[3][4] Aside from her fists, she favors using a laser rifle or blasting enemies with whatever large guns she can command.[3][4]


  • Zethrid's name was originally either "Ythorod" or "Aihpos", but was changed when Studio Mir pointed out to series staff that it was a name common to old women spelled backwards; it was intentional on the writers' part as being a reference to The Golden Girl's along with "Esor", spelling "Rose", "Dorothy", and "Sophia".[5]
  • For Lotor's generals, series staff went with a standard RPG team format; Zethrid is intended to be the big, strong fighter or the tank.[6]