Yuppers are a species of alien animals similar in appearance to the canine family of species on Earth. The most prominently featured Yupper is Laika, the pet of the Beta Traz Warden, who Lance mistakes for Slav. Yuppers get their species name from the fact that they only reply "yup" to any question.


Yuppers are taller than average human height and bipedal, although they can also run at high speeds on all four limbs.[1] Their forepaws are much larger than their hind legs, and both have non-retractable claws. The only seen Yupper, Laika, is shown covered in purple fur that is darker at the ears, jaw, and neck. Laika has yellow eyes, a red nose, and two small brown horns situated above its long, floppy ears. Yuppers have a long tail ending in a bushy tuff of fur, and lower canines that protrude out of their mouth when closed.

Yuppers have substantial strength and jaws powerful enough to bite through the metal of Sentries used by the Galra Empire, turning them into heaps of scrap metal quickly.[1] The exact level of intelligence of the species is unknown, but they seem to recognize when a question is being asked, though their reply "yup" easily leads to confusion that the Yupper is replying affirmatively and not simply making a sound.[1] It is implied that a Yupper does not make any other distinct vocal sound. Laika is shown to have a calm temperament, only acting aggressively towards robots, but it is not known if this is a species-wide trait that makes them preferred as pets.


  • Laika is a reference to the dog Laika, one of the first animals sent to space who did not survive the ordeal.


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