Weblums are a species of gigantic space worms known for their enormous size and specialized diet of dead planets. They are able to convert the Quintessence remnants from celestial bodies they consume into the foundations for new solar systems as they travel through space.[1] Weblums are sought after for their ability to produce scaultrite - a rare material used for several purposes, most notably in teludav technology that allows the creation of Wormholes by Alteans.


Weblums are covered in a segmented outer shell with several spikes protruding from their bodies and see using six eyes, with three on each side of their head. They possess gills, and apparently are unaffected from the lack of breathable air in space. Weblums have developed several defense mechanisms to ward off organisms that could potentially harm them. They are capable of firing dangerously powerful and "venomous" lasers from their mouths; hence, Alteans said the first rule of harvesting scaultrite is to stay away from a weblumb's face.[1] A blind spot exists on the back of a weblum's head, just under the gills. Inside their body are swarms of sentient antibodies that break down normally indigestible materials with acid and fend off smaller creatures who have ventured inside.

They have three separate stomachs, the rear-most of which possesses special glands that secrete raw, liquid scaultrite that is quickly heated into crystal form when a weblum generates its mouth laser, making weblums a valuable source of the rare mineral on top of playing a key role in the life cycle of the universe.