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The Depths is the second episode of Season Two, but the first episode of the season to premiere ahead of the other episodes of the season at New York Comic Con 2016.[1][2][3]


Hunk and Lance crash-land underwater and follow a mermaid to a civilization whose queen promises to keep them safe and help find the others.


The episode follows the post-wormhole exploits of Lance and Hunk, who crash land upon the seabed of an ice planet, which has left their lions inoperative. Notwithstanding the inherent dangers of their situation, plus their inability to contact their fellow Paladins, Lance’s primary focus at this juncture is the beautiful mermaid he spots in the distance… naturally. He and Hunk follow the kindly sea dweller to her nearby civilization, an ostensibly benevolent monarchy that centers its culture around a presumably Avatar-inspired (James Cameron, not Airbender) all-nourishing Bakku Garden.

After luxuriating in the bounties of the civilization—air bubble helmets, octopus stage shows, and a buffet of Bakku-grown treats, all offered generously by the seraphic queen, Lance and Hunk become suspiciously endeared to this new lifestyle… that is, until a trio of jellyfish-headed revolutionaries (one of whom is voiced by Weird Al Yankovic, by the by) kidnap Lance, clear his mind of hypnotic toxins, and clue him into the queen’s wicked plan to brainwash and kill the inhabitants of her city.

Despite his captors’ unavoidable eccentricities, Lance teams up with them, dons a toxin-blocking jellyfish hat (which does a number on his face), and heads back into the queen’s castle to rescue Hunk, retrieve their lions (which she has taken in under the pretense of repairing them), and get out of dodge. Things go awry when Hunk, totally under the queen’s power, tries to take Lance down; after a heated fight sequence, Lance manages to snap his pal out of it by way of a handy blowfish potion handed to him by the revolutionaries. Together, they fend off the queen’s herculean mermanservants before apprehending their newly repaired lions, rallying the revolutionaries, and wrangling the queen to stop her nefarious deeds.

But, as they say, twist. It turns out the queen herself, newly brought to sanity thanks to a well-timed konk on the head, was under the spell of the Bakku Garden all this time. And the Bakku Garden? It’s a freakin’ dragon. Cue a terrific action sequence in which Lance, Hunk, and their respective lions take all efforts to lay the menacing monster to waste.

The episode ends with an image of hope: the now totally-back-to-normal queen conjuring an energy beam from a tremendous clam, which launches Lance and Hunk back safely into space.


  • This episode premiered exclusively at New York Comic Con 2016 prior to the release of season two.