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Space Mall is the seventh episode of Season Two.


Shiro attempts to create a deeper bond with the Black Lion, while Coran takes the others to a swap meet, where they have some strange adventures.



  • Allura's excitement about "Dinner? And a show?" is a reference to the episode titled "Dinner and a Show" from Voltron: Defender of the Universe.
  • The episode was written based on Joaquim Dos Santos' nostalgia of growing up hanging out in malls with little technology at the time.[1]
  • The subplot with Hunk and Sal is because of a frequent typo by show writers: "Vrepit Sa", the Galra Empire salute, mistakenly written as "Vrepit Sal"; Tim Hedrick joked that "Vrepit Sal" could be a food joint that delivers to Galra ships.[1]
  • In the mall, Pidge and Lance see a game console with a glove, a reference to Nintendo's Power Glove for the NES. This console also appears in Black Site when Lance plays the video game he buys from the mall in the Castleship.