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Ryan Kinkade is a cadet at the Galaxy Garrison and pilot of an MFE-Ares Fighter. He is one of the four pilots who aid Team Voltron in the fight to liberate Earth from Sendak.



Kinkade has the appearance of a young adult, with brown skin, thick eyebrows that are the same color as his hair, and black-brown eyes. He has medium hair on the top, and the back and sides are short which has a varying shade of dark-brown, with the top in a messy dreadlock style. Kinkade is the tallest of the MFE pilots, about as tall or taller than Lance.

Kinkade usually wears the standard Garrison armor. This includes a uniform with a white top part that changes to black from the chest down, with the logo of the Galaxy Garrison on the right sleeve and beige patches on the elbows, a gray chest plate with orange highlights, a black and white helmet, a pair of light gray gloves and boots in the same color.


Kindade is gruff and quiet, not one for chitchat or recklessness, but is very determined and one of the most promising cadets in the Galaxy Garrison.



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  • Ryan's first name is not spoken in-series, where he is referred to only by his last name, but was revealed on the official Voltron website.


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