Olkarion is the home of the Olkari race ruled by King Lubos, although the king agreed to pretend to be held prisoner by the Galra Empire in return for living in comfort and allowing his people to build a weapon for Commander Branko.

This ruse is exposed when Team Voltron arrives to liberate the king and uncovers the truth. Once freed from imperial control, the Olkari become allies in the fight against the Empire and the planet becomes the base of operations for the Voltron Coalition.


Olkarion is a hospitable planet full of water, green plant life, and a safely breathable atmosphere. It is slightly elliptical in shape and has a ring of mountainous rock protruding from its surface and reaching high into the atmosphere, visible from space; this seems to perpetually cast its upper hemisphere in sunset, leaving its lower hemisphere trapped in the shadow of the mountain range.[1][2] The planet is covered in a forest of large trees within this shadow. In the upper hemisphere, the Olkari have developed the three large continents into cities, the northernmost at its pole being the largest.[1]

The planet has been seen to have two celestial bodies near it, but it is not clear if these are its moons or simply neighboring planets as they are only shown behind it.[1][2] It has also been shown situated near a gas giant, suggesting the planet itself is a moon.[2]


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Olkari are humanoid bipedal aliens that are vaguely insect-like in appearance. They appear furless and tend to be pale yellow or gray in color with lighter circles around their red or brown eyes.

Olkari society is that of a kingdom ruled by a single individual and concentrated in a massive city. The Olkari people are renowned for their extraordinary engineering skills, which are so advanced that it appears to be magic. Individuals are capable of manipulating both solid metal as well as biological materials like wood and plant life with a simple touch.[1]