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The Mechsuit Armor is the unstable, giant robeast-like battlesuit molded after the image of its pilot, Zarkon, and developed by Haggar as weapon to combat Voltron. There were some issues with its development, as various subjects who had tested the armor perished as a result; however, this did not deter Zarkon from entering the armor when the Voltron Team dared to transport Galra Central Command through a Teludav after disabling it. Using it he was able to deflect the Castle of Lions' attack against him before engaging Voltron and later its component lions in savage combat. However, the armor was defeated after Shiro recovered the Black Bayard and used it to unlock the Blazing Sword of Voltron.

Weapons & Abilities


Energy Sword - With the aid of Black Bayard, Zarkon is able to use it create a massive double-bladed energy at the wrist of his Mechsuit Armor. The blade's power is equivalent to that of Voltron's sword as it was to clash against it whenever the two engaged in a sword fight.

Energy Chain - Much like with the energy sword, Zarkon can use the Black Bayard to give his armor a chained energy weapon, allow it to fight as long distance and ensnare it's opponent to shock them with bolts of energy.

Wings - The wings of Zarkon's armor detachable and can be used as a shield, allowing for nearly 360 degrees of defense against both long and short-range attacks, and could also be used for battering attacks.

Lasers - The Mechsuit Armor can also fire laser beams.


Strength - Zarkon's Mechsuit Armor is one the most powerful machines Voltron has ever faced. It's strength rivals that of Voltron, able to send it flying with physical attacks and even create shock-waves whenever the two clashed with their respective swords.

Speed - The thrusters on the Mechsuit Armor's back provided it with incredible speed that allowed it catch up to and chase after Voltron during their fight.