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Kolivan is the leader of the Galra rebel faction called the Blade of Marmora who strives to end Zarkon's rule of the Galra Empire by operating in secret and infiltrating the Empire's ranks. He is initially distrustful of working with the Voltron team, thinking Keith had stolen a Marmora blade, but once Keith proves his rightful ownership of the blade with his Galran heritage, Kolivan agrees to ally with Allura and the Paladins to defeat Zarkon.

Kolivan helps formulate Team Voltron's plan to defeat Emperor Zarkon in a final confrontation. He stays in the Castle of Lions for much of the battle, but accompanies Allura to Zarkon's command ship to remove Haggar from the fight. He and Antok fight alongside Allura against the witch and her Druids. Although Antok is ultimately killed, Kolivan survives while Allura succeeds in defeating Haggar, forcing the witch to retreat. Kolivan returns to the Castle of Lions with Allura after Voltron defeats Zarkon.