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Keith's Father is the human father of Keith, having rescued Krolia when she crash-landed on Earth and become her lover. He is seen during Keith's vision when he undertakes the Blade of Marmora trials to discover his past and connection to the rebel organization, and later seen in flashbacks of Krolia's memories. Little is known about him at all, not even his name.


A rather tall man with short dark hair, bluish eyes, and a powerful build.


His personality can be described as dutiful, trustworthy, kind, and brave. He was a loving father and partner, as Keith and Krolia both grieved his passing.


  • During flashbacks into Krolia's memories, he is seen using an axe to pry open her ship, and there is a firefighter's coat in his bedroom.[2] Lauren Montgomery confirms that he was a firefighter and that the clothes given to Shiro in The Rise of Voltron are part of his uniform.[1]
  • He died after entering a burning building when Keith was very young.[2]