The Glossary of Terms denotes common words and phrases used within the series and on the Wiki. This includes objects, creatures, and locations. For a list of characters, see the characters category.

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  • Alien: Any creature not native to Earth.
  • Altea: A planet destroyed 10,000 years ago. Home of the Alteans.
  • Arena: The gladiatorial ring where slaves fight for Zarkon's entertainment.


  • Balmera: A massive petrified creature that has become a living planet. Home of the Balmerans.
  • Barrier Crystal: Crystals used in the Castle of Lions to generate the Castle's particle barrier.[1]
  • Bridge: The command center of a large spacecraft from where it is piloted.


  • Castleship: A spacecraft that acts as a support and transport ship as well as a castle.
  • Core Reality: The main reality in which the Series takes place, as opposed to any of the infinite possible alternate realities.
  • Cosmic Wolf: A blue canine alien that looks similar to an Earth wolf. It has the ability to teleport. The most notable cosmic wolf is Cosmo.


  • Dalterion Belt: A territory ruled by Trigel. It was destroyed by Zarkon.
  • Deca-Phoeb: A time slice comparable to a "year";[2] how well they match up is unknown.
  • Djalg: A name for one of the Galra Empire's fighter jet squadrons; "Fighter squadron Djalg 14", "Djalg 15", etc.[3]
  • Dobosh: A time slice comparable to a "minute";[2] it is approximately 60 ticks, or 1.4 minutes (84 seconds).[4]
  • Drone: Small floating robots used for patrols, attacks, and repairs. The most notable Drone is Rover.
  • Druid: A member of Haggar's mysterious covenant that appears to have magical abilities.
  • Duflax: A weird duck like alien with webbed feet and a bill.


  • Earth: A planet in the Milky Way galaxy. Home of the human race.
  • Earthling: A native resident of Earth, most notably a human.
  • Erto: A name for one of the Galra Empire's fighter jet squadrons; "Squadron Erto".[3]
  • Everall: A zone in the Galra Empire's map of the universe; "Zone Everall 71".[3]


  • Faunatonium: A rare, indispensable fuel source utilized by Alteans as a supplement to Balmeran crystal energy. It has the power to expand and supercharge particle energy. As well as expand atomic distance, causing organic objects to enlarge in size & scale.
  • Fighter Jet: A smaller spacecraft used by the Galra Empire for patrols and battle, usually piloted by Sentries. Also known as "fighters", "patrol(s)", "patrol jet".
  • Flight Pod: A small spacecraft used mainly for quick transport. May also be called an "escape pod".
  • Food Goo: The green goo consumed by Alteans as food in the Castle of Lions.
  • Fripping Bulgogian: A restaurant favored as a hang-out for the original Paladins of Voltron, described as "the best nullvillary in the fourteen tangents".


  • GAC: "Galra Authorized Currency", established by the Galra Empire as the universe's official currency.
  • Galaxy Garrison: An organization tasked with training Earthlings for exploring space.
  • Galra: The Galra Empire, or an individual or thing associated with the Empire.
  • Galran: An alien of purple skin or fur with yellow eyes most often seen as a member of the Galra Empire.
  • Gladiator: Usually spoken in reference to either:
    • The training robot used in the Training Deck of the Castle of Lions. On the Wiki described as the "Gladiator robot".
    • A fighter in the Galra Empire's Arena.
  • Groggeries: An obsolete currency of Altean crown bills used on planet Altea.[5]


  • Heximite: A chemical component which will explode when put under too much pressure; found on Naxzela.
  • Hyper Drive: A method of travel that allows spacecraft to travel faster than light speed in bursts across vast distances, usually used by the Galra Empire.
  • Hoktril: A device created by the Altean Empire that saps beings of their free will.


  • IGF-Atlas: A giant warship constructed to fight the galra that can transform into a bigger fighter like Voltron can.


  • Javeeno Star System: A star system where Arus and Balmera X-95-Vox are located, within the sector that Sendak oversees.[1][6]



  • Lion: One of the robotic Lions of Voltron.
  • Luxite: A mineral from a planet destroyed "deca-phoebs" ago; it is used to craft the blades used by the Blade of Marmora.


  • Monsters & Mana: An Altean game in which the players each create a character, choosing from different "classes". A player chooses the action they want to do, before rolling the 20-sided die to see if they will have a big enough number to complete the task.
  • Movement: A time slice comparable to a week.[2] How well they match up is unknown.


  • Nah-Veer Five: An unstable star Lotor uses to escape pursuit from Zarkon.[3]
  • Nalquod: A planet ruled by Blaytz. It was destroyed by Zarkon.
  • Non-cog: A slave of the Altean Empire that has had their free will erased by a hoktril device.
  • Nunvill: A drink enjoyed by Alteans, described as "the nectar of the gods" that tastes like "hot dog water and feet". It can be used as a hair tonic to make hair flourish.[7]It can also be fermented into a flammable explosive comparable to a Molotov cocktail on Earth.



  • Paladin: One who pilots a Lion of Voltron.
  • Palan-bol: the enlightning pain, a phrase used by Dayak when she teaches Hunk about the Galra.
  • Phoeb: A time slice comparable to a month.[2] How well they match up is unknown.
  • Planetoid: A small planet, not necessarily spherical in shape. "Another term for asteroids, which are also called minor planets".
  • Pod: Usually spoken in reference to either:
    • Flight Pod: A small spacecraft used mainly for quick transport.
    • Sleep Pod: A small device used for stasis sleep and healing.
  • Power Crystal: A Crystal produced by Balmera with enough energy to power spacecrafts. The largest and rarest are known as "Battleship-class" Crystals.[8]


  • Quadrant: A large area of the mapped known universe, presumably a fourth of the map each, consisting of smaller zones.
  • Quantum Abyss : A star system region that's part of a galaxy where time and space are severely warped due to a large number of neutron and dark stars.
  • Quintant: A time slice comparable to a "day";[2] it is 20 vargas, or approximately 1.167 days (28 hours).[9][4]
  • Quintessence: A mysterious substance that appears to act as a "life force" for living things.
  • Quiznak: An expletive used by Coran and adopted by the Paladins. According to Rhys Darby, it literally means "dang it".[10] If true, then Lance tells Keith to "Shut your dang it".[1] Conversely in the episodes, it can be also used as an adjective, as in "quiznaking Galra", so Rhys' translation appears inaccurate.[11]


  • Rebulon: A zone in the Galra Empire's map of the universe; "Zone Rebulon 55", at least consisting of 69 zones total, and possibly an entire quadrant.[3]
  • Red Syntian Nitrate: A volatile gas that reacts to amplified emissions of light by combusting and causing a dangerous explosion; found on Thayserix.
  • Royal Warship: A large spacecraft used as a base of operations by Lotor and his generals.
  • Rygnirath: A planet ruled by Gyrgan. It was destroyed by Zarkon.


  • Sentry: A bi-pedal robot used by the Galra Empire. Sentries act as guards, army units, pilots, and general workers; they are capable of speech and communicating with each other.
  • Scaultrite: A valuable material produced by a Weblum. It is used for various things, but most notably to convert Altean energy to power Teludav devices used to create wormholes.
  • Sleep Chamber: The chamber in the Castle of Lions containing sleep pods. Also known as the "Infirmary".
  • Sleep Pod: A pod notably seen in the Castle of Lions for putting someone into a stasis sleep and healing their wounds. Also known as a "Cryo-Replenisher".
  • Swap Moon: An underground black market location used by Unilu in the past. No weapons or communication devices were allowed.[13]


  • Talwar Six: A planet in the Karthulian System filled with enormous, labyrinthine caves created by giant space wombeasts. Used for training by the Black Paladin.
  • Teludav: A device built with scaultrite disks and powered by Altean energy to create wormholes for traveling through space.
  • Teludav lenses: The lenses required inside of the teludav to make it work.
  • Thayserix: A planet of dense, volatile gases and unusual magnetic poles.
  • Tick: A time slice approximately 1.399 seconds.[6][14]


  • Unilu: An alien race once known for space piracy and dealing in black market goods on Swap Moons.


  • Vrepit sa: A galra term meaning onward or can be used as a salute. According to Lotor's nanny, it literally translates to "killing thrust."
  • Varga: A time slice comparable to an "hour";[2] it is approximately 1.4 hours, or 60 doboshes (84 minutes).[4]
  • Voltron: The most powerful robot in the universe comprised of five robotic Lions.
  • Voltron Alliance: Planets that have formed an alliance of protection with Team Voltron.[7]


  • Warship: A large spacecraft used by the Galra Empire and owned by Galra Commanders. Also known as a "battleship" or "cruiser".
  • Weblum: An enormous worm that travels through space and consumes dead planets. It produces a valuable material called scaultrite.
  • Wormhole: A hole in space-time used to instantaneously transport people and things from one area in the universe to another.
  • Wozblay: A location mentioned by Coran; "could blow us straight to Wozblay."[11]


  • Xanthorium: A highly explosive mineral high in nitrate salts.[11]


  • Yalmor: A creature described to travel as a pack by Coran, and that might feed each other of its kind.[15] It is compared to the Paladins of 10,000 years ago to exemplify the strong bond they shared.
  • Yalex: A species of gigantic creatures known for a rare item called a Yalexian Pearl.


  • Zorlar Astroid Belt: An asteroid belt located near Arus and Balmera X-95-Vox, well known by Rolo.[6]


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