Daibazaal was the home planet of the Galran race ruled by Emperor Zarkon. Ten thousand years ago, a Trans-Reality Comet crashed into the planet and created a rift leading to an Alternate Reality, and immeasurable amounts of Quintessence and scientific insight, but at the cost of slowly collapsing the planet.[1] The ore of the comet was used to build Voltron, with Zarkon becoming the Black Paladin.[2][3]

Soon Zarkon and his wife became blindly obsessed with Quintessence and presumably died from over-exposure. The crumbling planet was evacuated and destroyed by King Alfor in an attempt to erase the rift. Zarkon miraculously reawakened and flew into a rage at Alfor for his actions, sparking a war and the beginnings of the Galra Empire. Ten thousand years later, traces of the rift remain, and Lotor uses the abandoned planet as secret location to build a trans-reality gate.[4]


Daibazaal was a hospital planet with breathable atmosphere and covered in red and gray soil with a rocky terrain pocked by large areas of flat lands. It was not a spherical planet, rather consisting of a dome-shaped "cap" on one end that split into many jagged parts all pointing to its "underside": a single giant mountain point seemingly kept perpetually in darkness. Its cloud structures seemed to trail off these rocky ends; much of the planet's "cap" was inhabited, while only a small portion of its underside showed evidence of city structures.[1]


Galrans are purple-skinned or purple-furred aliens with yellow eyes and beastly facial features that vary extensively, ranging from mammalian to reptilian, and may include colors of white fur and red markings, or dark spines and scales. Galrans are notably taller than average humans, but there are smaller ones seen in both high rank and meager day jobs.[5][2]

The original empire of Daibazaal consisted of an imperial family and a structured class system with a society that emphasized battle prowess and military power.[1] Following the loss of their home planet, the Galran people have expanded into a powerful political and military system called the Galra Empire that has dominated the known universe for the past ten thousand years. To battle against the tyranny of the Empire, a faction of Galran rebels called the Blade of Marmora has been created to infiltrate the system and end Zarkon's rule.



  • The name "Daibazaal" originates from Emperor Daibazaal of Beast King GoLion, the character used to create Zarkon in Defender of the Universe.