Altea was the home planet of the Altean race ruled by King Alfor, his wife, and Princess Allura, with the aid of their advisor, Coran. It is where the Voltron Lions and the Castle of Lions were built.

Zarkon destroyed Altea 10,000 years ago out of revenge for Alfor destroying planet Daibazaal to erase a dangerous reality rift caused by a Trans-Reality Comet. Altea was the final planet to be destroyed in its entire solar system by Zarkon's rage-driven war, and the people of Altea were eradicated to near extinction.


Altea was a planet blooming with the beauty of its purple juniberry flowers. The Altean race built a civilization with impressive technology seemingly unexplainable by science alone. Altea seemed to have several artificial megastructural rings encircling it, all equally separated from each other. It is unclear whether Altea's blue-colored surface was its diffraction of its atmosphere due to their star or that most of Altea was covered with oceans. Coran does not recognize the concept of rain, but claims that boiling hot rocks frequently fell from the sky.[1]


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Alteans are aliens nearly identical to humans of Earth. Their defining features are pointed ears and pupils with a colored speck in the center. Alteans are known to have facial markings, usually sickle-shaped under each eye with additional markings possible on their cheeks, foreheads, upper lips, or covering their eyes.[2] The facial markings vary in color by individuals, as do hair, eye, and skin color. The royal family is known to have the traits of silver hair and brown skin in its bloodline.

The culture of Alteans remains largely unknown, but they appeared to be a morally-sound, well-intentioned race that valued diplomacy, protection of allies, respect for the universe, and peace.[3][4] They were ruled as a kingdom by a royal family, the last known ruler being the deceased King Alfor. Altean technology is highly advanced, powered by both Quintessence and the species' own energy. One of the species' most notable technological advancements was the development of teludavs for traveling via Wormhole, but only a few Alteans were capable of powering such a device.[5]



  • The planet has not been shown up close and in full unobscured.
  • The name "Altea" originates from planet Altea of Beast King GoLion, the planet used to create Arus in Defender of the Universe.


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