Ten thousand years ago, Allura was the princess of planet Altea. Her father, King Alfor, ruled the Altean race with Coran as the family's royal advisor. The Alteans held an alliance with Zarkon and his people. When a comet crashed into Zarkon's planet, Alfor built the Black Lion from the material found inside and Zarkon became the Black Paladin. The origins and creation of the other Lions of Voltron is unknown, but Coran's grandfather built the Castle of Lions to house them and Voltron was known as a heroic fighting force. However, Zarkon sought to have the power of Voltron for himself so he betrayed Alfor and the Alteans, mercilessly attacking them with the might of Galra fleets.

With the situation so dire, Allura begged Alfor to form Voltron and fight, but her father disagreed, desiring to prevent the Lions from falling into Zarkon's hands. This led King Alfor to put Allura and Coran in a deep sleep inside cryo-pods within the Castle of Lions, and to scatter the Voltron Lions to hidden locations across the universe. Alfor met his end by unknown means, and the Altean race was destroyed along with Altea and its entire solar system. Allura lay sleeping peacefully for ten thousand years as the Castle of Lions rested undisturbed on planet Arus with the Black Lion locked inside.

Season One