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Across the Universe is the first episode of the Season Two.


The Lions get separated when a trip through a Wormhole goes awry, while Coran and Allura scramble to break free of a seemingly endless time loop.


Keith and Shiro

Keith and Shiro land on opposite sides of a barren wasteland. Shiro is badly injured after having fought Haggar. Keith must make it to Shiro before he's eaten by a giant, purple reptile monsters. Keith enlists the help of the Black Lion and the two save Shiro in the knick of time.

Princess Allura and Coran

After being pulled into the void, Allura and Coran find that they have become stuck in a time loop. Allura watches as Coran starts to revert back to being a moody teenager, a hyper little boy, a toddler, and finally an adorable infant. Allura tries blasting their way out of the void but that doesn't work either. Finally, the Castle of Lions hones in on Pidge's coordinates and they're pulled out of the void.


Pidge lands on what she deems is a trash nebula. She is stuck there until she can get the Green Lion working again. But she isn't alone as she comes in contact with cute, puffball aliens. Alone and bored, Pidge creates junk replicas of the Voltron team to keep her company. She stumbles upon a satellite, hidden among the rubble, and uses it to breach the wormhole. She is able to make contact with the Castle and together they go save Keith and Shiro.

Galra Flagship

Zarkon promotes Lieutenant Thace to Commander, unaware that he's the one who helped the Voltron paladins escape.


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