The abomination is a massive creature of an unknown species living on planet Krell that battles the Guardian of Krell, who defends the village of native residents. Every year, the natives of Krell cook a feast for the guardian, who usually eats a few of the villagers as well, so the guardian will continue to defend the village. Little do they know, the food is what attracts the abomination and causes their yearly struggle.

When the Voltron Paladins arrive seeking the Yalex for a Yalexian Pearl to pay off Coran's debt to Kythylian Mu, the team mistakes the Guardian of Krell for the Yalex and battles it. This unfortunately ends in the guardian's death, so the Paladins must then battle the abomination. Hunk realizes the abomination is simply hungry and instructs the team to cook it a feast, satiating the beast and saving the village.


The abomination is a large, purple quadrupedal beast with six red eyes, a spiked beak, two jagged horns, and a back full of tentacles it uses to ensnare its enemies. These tentacles are strong enough to toss Voltron.[1] It has four toes on each foot and no tail. The scalp of the abomination appears to be a darker and harder portion of its head, while the rest of its body is furred. The creature can easily be sliced in half from head to toe by Voltron's saber.[1] However, the abomination is capable of rapidly regenerating even from such extensive damage, and from bombardment of Voltron's multi-shot shoulder cannon.[1]


  • The abomination species has only been seen once, and it is not known if more of it exist.