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• 12/16/2018

Why I Found Lance and Allura's Relationship Problematic

I always thought of Voltron as a show that was more progressive in it’s writing rather than the vanilla: protagonist boy meets girls, fall in love and live happily ever after. Apparently not really. It’s a deeper issue than that however. This is, face it a show for kids and the message the last few seasons spread was very uncomfy. I spent time in a very unhealthy relationship and I could see that some of that same pained kid in Lance, the red flags, the triggers of—dare I say “toxic masculinity” that cause identity crisis in lots of young guys. Lance is obviously someone struggling with insecurities, but he hides them by acting cocky and boisterous so he doesn’t seem weak—we all know a Lance type. But if you know them you also know that they will hide their emotions to an unhealthy extent by being that class clown and never feel like it’s okay to honest with others or even themselves sometimes until it breaks them. In the later seasons we can obviously see this taking its toll on Lance when he starts to become more low energy and pessimistic. How is this solved? Through Allura? I think not. I spent so much time believing I could save someone, but inner happiness doesn’t come from a relationship, and if that’s what you believe it will break you—because it broke me. You’re teaching kids we’re nothing until we find that “one” and I guess I was stupid to have more faith in the writers than that. Lance becomes a shell of a human after Allura and he’s so young as if there’s “nobody else for him.” Well I’ll tell you what, I became a shell of a human too after my break up because I thought I was worthless and I had lost my “soul mate.” I lost so much time believing my life was over BUT MCFREAKIN GUESS WHAT?! Life is actually so much more beautiful and meaningful when you realize life is so much more than finding a soul mate and love is so much more than just one relationship. Don’t give kids the idea they can give up after they lose in love—because that’s what the world taught me and it took me 3 years and a lot growing to overcome it. But other people don’t recover. They may continue to bury themselves toxic relationships, drugs, alcohol, or isolate themselves like I did but never come out of it. Not only was the relationship itself problematic but the development as well. Lance kept flirting with Allura and she was obviously disinterested in the beginning, but he kept pursuing. This just reiterates that it’s okay for boys to harass, pester, and pursue a girl even if she doesn’t return your feelings. From Allura’s end, instead of being firm with Lance especially when the mice tell her Lance likes her she won’t give him a clear answer and it never really seems like she returns his feelings, she just pity’s him. I felt like this encourages the gender stereotype of coy submissive women. If Allura is such a strong female character she should’ve given Lance a firm clear answer to teach girls it’s okay to tell a boy no without feeling guilty. The final thing I found very problematic and icky was Lance saying, “I love you” to Allura. That scene was just so uncomfy. It projected so much insecurity. That is not what love is and I hate that it’s teaching kids it’s okay to say something with that much weight to it so early on. “But they were friends first” Yes that holds true but I would argue they weren’t particularly close enough to yet feel love. (I know there are many kinds of love but just shh and bare with me) Lance hasn’t been in love before, and I know the kind of love he thinks he’s feeling. It’s happened to me 2 too many times. He finally feels like he has someone who will listen and he can share his feelings with and it’s, “I love you,” but it’s not the same for girls that may see more emotionally intimate relationships as a close friendship. You’re not in love yet and it’s really uncomfortable to put the opposite party in that position—but maybe this is me projecting my own personal experiences too much (why tf has it happened to me twice). To conclude and sum up this word vomit: Lance became a shell of a human being over a girl because of all his deep insecurities, and why in this day and age are we still reinforcing dumb gender roles and toxic relationships like that. Regardless of it being a “children’s cartoon” and that “kids won’t read this deeply into things” just remember that kids subconsciously absorb everything they watch. It did for me and it didn’t do me any favors.

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• 11/27/2018


I think klance shuold become canon what do you think.I persolaly like this ship and i really want to hear what you think

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• 10/9/2018


Like, am I right, that Shiro is that unkillable Gay™ but he really needs a break! do you agree with me??

does Shiro need a break??
  • Yes, he needs a vacation.
  • No, he's fine.
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• 8/14/2018

I want Shiro to be happy

Like, screw you, dying universe, Shiro needs a boyfriend! I want him to date a nice guy who understands him and hugs him when he remembers Adam, or has PTSD of the fighting pits, or just freaking needs a cuddle. I want them to get married after years of friendship and love. I want them to start a family; adopt a boy named Adam Keith and a girl named Katie-Rose. I want family dinners when the OG Paladins come too, cause they're all family. The kiddos grow up calling them Uncle Hunk, The Wiz Pidge, Mr. Keith, Kosmos, Lance, Miss Allura, and Gorgous Man Coran. I want movie night, when all they do is talk about everything, the movie just on to fill the content silences. I want Shiro to grow old, never having to frown, cry, or worry again. I want Shiro to be freaking HAPPY, that's all I could ever ask for.
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• 8/13/2018
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• 7/6/2018

Marija Erkman

si se estoyi llamando Maria Erkman
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• 1/23/2018

Time lapse help?

I'm assuming that time passed between the season 2 finale and the beginning of s3/Shiro's return, but I'm not sure how long (I came up with a rough estimate of 1.5 months, but it's 12am and I don't have time for a rewatch). Does anyone have any ideas as to how much time passed between the seasons? (preferably specifically between the finale and Shiro's return) Thanks!
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• 1/9/2018


I need help, if anyone knows what I'm talking about please tell me. I want to find that one song in season one episode two that plays when the paladins are going through a tube to get to their lions. It sounds cool and technoey like an eighties daft punk song, but I don't know the name of the song so I can't find it. It's not in the soundtrack. When I look it up nothing similar appears. I just want the name of the song or any information on how to find it.
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• 10/4/2016

Bureaucrat rights + possible adoption

So there's not an active bureaucrat on the wiki, as User:StArchaeopteryx hasn't edited since July. I thought it may be nice to have one, so I was wondering if I could receive bureaucrat rights and possibly adopt if StArchaeopteryx does not return.
The only thing the adoption would do is for me to receive bureaucrat from Wikia staff instead of the founder. (If this is the taken route I'll link the discussion on community central.)
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• 7/27/2016

Merging with the other VLD Wiki

See topic on other Wiki
(Copy pasted from that forum, edited by me)
I'd love if we were to be merged with the other Voltron Wikia, in order to direct traffic to this one and help it grow.
This merge will allow a larger database on the topic, since all users will have one Wikia to add information too, rather than have to competing wikis.
Upon the merge, any content on the other Wiki deemed of good quality will be moved to this one.
Additionally, upon the merge, which url should be used: voltronlegendarydefender.wikia.com or vld.wikia.com
I prefer the latter, however it can be discussed.
According to Wikia staff, the unused will serve as a redirect to this one.
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• 7/16/2016

New Homepage?

Hey everyone! I've been working on making a homepage for this wiki, and I wanna hear your thoughts on it. It doesn't have much on it right now, but I was hoping you'd have some suggestions on what to put in it. I made a template for it here (don't worry about the Character box going off the page and the cramping of the Links and Welcome, it should be fine when we put it on the actual homepage).
I was thinking we could put up a slider and maybe a poll or two (generic "who's your favorite paladin" questions, anyone?) and maybe even "featured articles of the month" when we really get rolling?
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